German B1 for citizenship


The telc language tests on level B1 are suitable for all learners who would like or have to document their foreign language skills (e.g. for citizenship).
We are licensed to hold The European Language Certificate (TELC) tests.


What am I able to do with level B1?

With level B1, you are able to communicate with ease in daily life, on trips and in your own areas of interest.  You are able to tell about experiences, describe goals and justify opinions.  You are also able to use the most important grammatical structures generally correctly.

How is the test set up?

The test is comprised of a written and an oral section.  The written test lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Before the oral test begins, you will have 20 minutes to prepare.  The written test takes place in the morning and the oral test in the afternoon.

Please call 0711-2360394 to ask for further information and test dates.