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inlingua online placement test

Important info:

• The test is free.
• This test does not commit you to taking a course.

Just 3 small steps stand between you and your foreign language course.

Choose the inlingua placement test in your target language.
At the end of the test, enter your name and contatct details. This will allow us to contact you after the test evaluation and let you know about your result. The inlingua guarantee: We do not forward personal information to third parties. Your address and assessment information remain exclusively with us.
Please note the following: The questions in the first part of the test are multiple-choice. Only one answer is correct.

If you feel you are only guessing the correct answer you should end the test otherwise you may get an incorrect result due to lucky guesses.
Please take a maximum of 40 minutes to do the test.
Please do not use any dictionaries or other reference material when taking the test.

Let’s get going. Good luck and have fun!

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